Should we stop talking about models?

Is it still worth it to discuss models when discussing startups? Nabeel and Fraser discuss how that may be the wrong question to ask in the current landscape, and why customer-centric questions and user experience should be the basis of product experience. Later, they deliberate who might come out on top in the “horse race” for AI product dominance, and whether it will come from a large, established company, or if the frontier of capabilities belongs to small innovators.
  • (00:00) - Decoding the Future: Puzzles vs. Mysteries in Tech
  • (01:22) - Welcome to Hallway Chat: Podcast or Tweets?
  • (01:35) - Exploring the Venture Firm USV's "Hallway Chat" Tweets
  • (02:27) - The atomization of media
  • (03:17) - Rethinking the Focus on AI Models in Startups
  • (04:38) - The Importance of Use Cases Over Models in AI Innovation
  • (07:45) - What makes a Foundational Model... Foundational
  • (18:23) - AI for Consumers: Navigating the S Curve of Innovation
Should we stop talking about models?
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