Fraser & Nabeel explore what it means to build great products in this new world of AI.

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Granola, Designing AI for User Agency, and how to compete with $$$

Fraser and Nabeel dive into the evolving landscape of AI note-taking apps, focusing on a new product, Granola. They discuss Granola's unique approach of "enhancing you...

Should we stop talking about models?

Is it still worth it to discuss models when discussing startups? Nabeel and Fraser discuss how that may be the wrong question to ask in the current landscape, and why ...

Devin & the Autonomous Engineer Wave. Plus, .Com lessons as a model for today

What is the extent of autonomous coding engineer Devin’s ability to generate real, functional applications with little to no help? Nabeel and Fraser dive into the buzz...

AI Models. Weighing the chances of commodity vs differentiation.

This week is a discussion of the points of differentiation vs commodification in various AI models. Including how these points might change over time, and might change...


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